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Ba Kelalan Highlands Microsolar Heater Project, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Microsolar M80VTHE Water Heater being installed Mar 2006 at Apple Lodge, Buduk Nur Village, at an elevation of 950m. The nighttime ambient air temperatures drop down to 14C but the Microsolar is still able to produce hot water at 80C to 98C without any electricity backup.
The existing microhydro electricity project in the Ba Kelalan valley is not strong enough to power conventional electric water heaters, and so solar thermal energy remains the only solution. The Microsolar is the only solar water heater that is proven to work efficiently in the overcast cloudy and rainy climate of the Ba Kelalan Highlands of Sarawak. The Microsolar Ba Kelalan Project was officially opened 31 March 2006 by his Excellency TYT The Governor of Sarawak.

Ba Kelalan is surrounded by mountains, at the starting point of the 3 day trek up Gunung Murud 2423m and the new Ulong Tau National Park. It is reachable by a daily (RM60.00) 5 hour 4WD journey off road from Lawas, Sarawak or by MAS Twin Otter (RM60.00) twice weekly from Lawas. It is in the middle of the picturesque agricultural Lun Bawang high country, with rice paddies and water buffaloes, next to apple orchards, durians, and fish ponds. Everybody is genuinely friendly and a walk thru the whole village sometimes takes ages stopping to chat with the neighbours. (You would not guess from their friendly gentle nature that the Lun Bawang are descended from one of the most feared head hunter tribes of Sarawak.)

Nights are full of stars, cold and quiet once the generators are switched off, only the sounds of neighbours walking in the dark with torchlights and chatting. The sound of cocks crowing and flapping their wings, dogs barking in the village lane, the drone of the last motorbikes laden with supplies brought up by 4WD from Lawas heading to the Kalimantan border through the jungle trails and quiet again.
In the hotel insects fly against the energy saving bulbs (microhydro electricity) and carpet the floor.
And so if you find yourself in that part of Sarawak, and in need of a (very) hot luxury shower, check out the Microsolar at the Apple Lodge, Ba Kelalan. If you are not lucky enough to be in Lun Bawang country, and you want a very hot solar heater that will work in cloudy weather totally without electricity, even in the Klang Valley, see below.

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In comparison, other brands of solar heating conventional flat panels are mainly Single Valve, with bottlenecked single channel energy movement between the collector panel and the heat storage tank. And whilst solar thermosyphon convection is directly up and down, never horizontal, the hot water pipe manifold at top of conventional flat solar heater panels is unfortunately horizontal, so hot water collected is impeded from rising freely into the storage tank, whereas Microsolar is Coaxial Multivalve and the collector tubes are vertically aligned and enter and leave the storage tank thru multiple channels, freeing up the solar thermal energy to rise into the insulated tank. High technology that works even in inclement weather. One would not want invest in an expensive single valved solar collector panel that will not work in cloudy weather.

His Excellency TYT the Governor of Sarawak Tun Datuk Patinggi Abang Haji Mohammed Salahuddin and his wife Toh Puan tests the temperature of the Microsolar hot water at the opening ceremony of the Microsolar Ba Kelalan Project. This stand pipe directly below the Microsolar provides pasteurized potable hot water for the use of the villagers, in an area where there are no government water treatment plants. At left is the Resident of Limbang in grey suit, and in background in white shirt is the inventor of Microsolar Siang T Teoh, in the blue shirt is Mutang Tagal, the former Member of Parliament for Ba Kelalan and the owner of Apple Lodge. 31 March 2006