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Hot favourite... Teoh shows his self-designed Microsolar water heater.

       PETALING JAYA, Thurs: A Malaysian architect has done the country proud by being featured as one of Time magazine's Heroes For The Planet in its March 29 issue.  
       Teoh Siang Teik has designed an environmental friendly solar-powered water heater that not only saves money but also energy.  
       In an exclusive interview with the Sun, Teoh said he first came up with the idea while working as an architect in Nepal in 1981.  
       He was working on two projects there which needed a highly efficient solar water heater. He checked out the existing models but they were too expensive and inefficient.  
       Believing that he could do better, Teoh managed to build a prototype in six months, which was then installed at both buildings.  
       Thus, the Microsolar water heater was born and over the years, Teoh has worked to improve it. The third generation Microsolar model has more improved features such as better positioning of pipes and a tubular panel.  
       After working overseas for a number of years, the 44 year-old returned home in 1997. "I came back because the design had been patented by the Swiss-based World Intellectual Property Organisation (under the Patent Cooperation Treaty) and I wanted to improve on my invention".  
       He set up a factory in Kuching, Sarawak, with some friends to manufacture the water heater. The factory has so far produced 1,000 units.  
       He said what makes the Microsolar different from other conventional heaters is that it heats the water to a temperature of 60-80 deg. as opposed to the usual 50-60 deg.  
       It also retains heat for longer periods and is only two-thirds the size of conventional heaters.  
       Costing RM3,590 for its smallest model (lm by 3.4m), which is enough for a family of four, it can hold 270 litres of water and comes wifh a seven-year guarantee.  
       Among the projects that have utilised Teoh's water heater are the Malaysian Nature Society field research station at Boh Tea plantations in Cameron Highlands and a housing project in Seremban